Our water softener and conditioner purify millions of  gallons a year through North America,From large corporations,hotels and restaurants to residential homes. We provide crystal clear,high quality water.

Why Should I have My water Tested?

It is practically impossible to see with our eyes microbiological elements and contaminants in the home tap water. The contaminants ,chlorine,Lead and some microbes can cause serious damages to our health,skins and well being,as well as  provoking the premature failures of the home appliances by corrosion and leaving stains on clothing and bathtub. Our Trained Technician will test your water ,give a result while in your house or office, and show you what to do next to resolve the problem.

I don't Drink My Tap Water anyway,Why should I test it?

Yes you still consuming your home/office  water through your skin while taking your shower,bath or brushing your teethes every morning. Your family members also,infants,children or adults gets the unsafe  water under their skins by at the shower,brushing teethes ,cleaning fruits and vegetables or cooking.It is very important to check the water we touch in our everyday lives.Our trained technician will show you examples and how to remediate the issues.

How  Contaminants ,Chlorine,Lead Gets into My water?

Please watch the you tube video on this website to see how the water is treated at the municipal water treatment Plant. The water is simply recycled each time. It is the same water that goes back and forth from your house tubes,baths and kitchen to the Plants and vice versa.The municipalities has to use chlorine,sodium and other chemicals products to help kill the germs in order to give you a potable water. Unfortunately those chemicals and some germs finds their back to your house. It is impossible to get a 100% chemical or germs free water. If the municipalities has to soften and filtered all the water out of the treatment plants, it will cost them Billions or Trillions of Dollars and the price of water will be superior to gasoline or electricity. Also some Municipals Pipes underground for over 50 years has become corroded in some areas and it is impossible to replace all of them due to the cost. Our trained Technician will give you all details.

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Why Is My water Smelling  Odors?

Odors comes from different sources. From the chemicals used in the treatments plants,farming ,commercial and industrial wastes to the natural organics or inorganic decays of the environmental elements found in our tap or well water. We will be glad to traces all odors to their sources and propose a solution.

How do I get a Soft and Healthy Water in my House?


Save The Planet!

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Several Solutions will be proposed by our technician after the results of the testing. From the under the kitchen sink Reverse osmosis to the whole house system,Our trained technician will propose the most appropriate system for your needs. You will get the most efficient,highly rated personal water treatment,softener and filtration available in today's world.

How Much Does the In- House Water Test cost me?

Zero Dollar. We are proud to provide you with a free in-house/office test with results for free.We will be providing the results of the test of the spot as well as the steps to follow to resolve the problems.

How Long Will My System Last?

With simple maintenance and filters replacements, your system will last as long as you would like

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Get A Free Test Today!

How Long Do the Filters Last?

Your system will use between 600,000 to 1000,000 gallons before any filters replacement. Between 3 to 5 years.

Do I Get my Water Tested for Radon and Other contaminants?

Yes, you will get the in-house lab test to detect in your water any contaminants,organics , inorganics or by product elements as well as Radon and Lead in your water.

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Does it cost me to take no Actions?

On the long run yes.

On a personal Level: Premature aging,skins , hairs issues as well as other unrelated medicals problems.

On your family budget : frequent clothing damages and replacement by hard water; Increase on Soaps,detergents and lotion usage.

-frequent repairs and replacement of house appliances due to scales Build-up in Pipes,fixtures and water-using appliances.

It certainly cost more to do nothing